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From Kalevala to Pohjola

February 10, 2017: The opening ceremony of the exhibition From Kalevala to Pohjola was held in the Children’s Museum Centre of the Kizhi Museum.

To the 80th anniversary of Aleksandr Vampilov and Valentin Rasputin

February 9, 2017: A regular literary event of the project Let’s Read Classics Together was dedicated to the works by Alexander Vampilov and Valentin Rasputin.

The Chitka Project presented in Kondopoga

February 8, 2017: The Chitka Project of the National Library of the Republic of Karelia held a performance in Kondopoga, at the Kravchenko Central Library. A play Pinezhsky Pushkin (Eng. Pushkin of Pinega) was shown to schoolchildren and adults with the full house.

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